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Each quarter, LE’s Market Intelligence experts present a visual snapshot—complete with charts and graphs—that illustrates lodging real estate trends in various regions around the globe.

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Global Conference Calendar

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LE maintains an up-to-date list of global conferences and trade shows relevant to the lodging and real estate industry, including design and vendor-specific events.  The calendar list is updated quarterly.  For conference details and registration information, click on the links below. The links within the PDFs will take you directly to the event website.

LE Conference Presentations

Lodging expertise in focus

Each year, LE experts are invited to speak at major industry conferences to share their insights about real estate trends around the world. We’ve collected several of these presentations here, and invite you to download and share them with your peers. If you wish to cite our findings in your own presentations, be our guest. All we ask is that you kindly provide appropriate attribution.

To contact any of our speakers directly, please call us at 603.431.8740. ext. 25.

October 2018
The NEHIF Fall Meeting- JP Ford, Boston, MA
View Presentation

September 2018
Lodging Conference – JP Ford, Phoenix, AZ
View Presentation

Lodging Conference – Bruce Ford, Phoenix, AZ
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March 2018
HD Summit: Economic Roundtable, Dana Point, CA
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Conference Speaker Support

Your conference presentation – Powered by LE

As an industry leader committed to the lodging, real estate and vendor communities, LE offers presentational support to industry peers and lodging vendors looking to enhance their speaking engagements.  As trusted advisers to leading Ownership and Management Groups, Franchise Companies and Vendor Firms, speakers can count on LE to provide up-to-the-minute real estate intelligence, regional and market insights, analyses of Transaction Trends and current asset values,  and other research support for standout presentations.

Preparing an industry keynote or conference presentation? Make your slides more informative with the latest industry knowledge and research, powered by LE:

  • Regional charts and graphs
  • Real estate trends for specific markets and regions
  • Analyses of Transaction Trends and current asset values
  • More

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